Compliance Whistleblower Channel

Medartis has this reporting platform for combating unethical behavior and violations of internal guidelines and applicable legal regulations. This platform is directed at compliance violations and can be used by employees, distributors, or, generally, by interested persons. All notifications submitted via this channel will be treated confidentially and the identity of the whistleblower will be duly protected, being also possible to submit the report anonymously.

All complaints are forwarded to the Medartis Ethics Committee for proper consideration and, if necessary, appropriate action. To send your complaint, please fill in the fields below with the requested information, for anonymous report option, please leave the name and e-mail fields empty, without identification.

Compliance Whistleblower Channel

Form Compliance Whistleblower Channel

Bianca Bertoloto Almeida

Global Compliance Manager

Medartis AG
Hochbergerstrasse 60E
4057 Basel

Tel.  +55 11 2787-7423

Data Protection

Medartis is committed to the protection and safeguard of the privacy and personal data of its customers, patients and employees, in accordance with the applicable Data Protection Laws.

Therefore, for the proper treatment and access of your personal data information, we provide this form as an efficient and safe way to process your questions, suggestions, requests or complaints.

All requests are referred to the Data Protection Committee for due analysis and, if necessary, appropriate measures.

Compliance Whistleblower Channel

Form Compliance Whistleblower Channel

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