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The next generation of self-drilling and self-tapping compression screws. The sharp screw tip penetrates the bone exactly where the surgeon puts it. The specific thread design runs up to the tip of the screw and offers a better purchase in the bone. 


Extra sharp tip with SpeedTip technology penetrates the bone exactly where the surgeon puts it.

Ease of Screw Insertion

Effortless insertion: Only the polygonal tip pushes bone material aside.

Extra-Sharp Tip with SpeedTip Technology

The triangular tip design permits simultaneous drilling, tapping and compression of the bone tissue during insertion for increased pull-out stability.2

Pleasant Simplicity

C-Snap screws can be fully inserted or removed with a conventional screwdriver due to the HexaDrive screwdriver connection after snap off.

2 Heidemann, W.; Terheyden, H.; Gerlach, K. L.; Analysis of the osseous / metal interface of drill free screws and self-tapping screws; Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery (2001) 29, 69–74 3 Heidemann, W.; Terheyden, H.; Gerlach, K. L.; In-vivo-Untersuchungen zum Schrauben-Knochen-Kontakt von Drill-Free-Schrauben und herkömmlichen selbstschneidenden Schrauben; Mund Kiefer GesichtsChir 5, 2001: 17–21 

2.0 SpeedTip C-Snap Screw


  • Predetermined breaking («Snap») point

  • Thread-free conical shaft increases torsional stability during implantation and removal

  • Precise, sharp threads


2.0 and 2.8 SpeedTip C Screw


  • Precise, sharp threads

  • Larger thread surface up to the tip

  • Chamfered screw head


Technological Milestones in Osteosynthesis


Multidirectional and angular stable locking, screws can pivot freely by ± 15° in all directions


TriLockPLUS screw holes offer the advantage of locking and compression in one step


Simplified screw pick-up thanks to self-holding system

Designed to Organize

  • Compact
  • Clear arrangement
  • Easy to handle 
  • Can be integrated in the APTUS Foot system 
  • Validated cleaning and sterilization tray 


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