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The Medartis APTUS Elbow Coronoid Plates 2.0 are anatomically designed to buttress and fixate the Coronoid. The plates focus on restoration of the elbow stability by fixation of the sublime tubercle and indirect refixation of the medial collateral ligament.


Coronoid Plate 2.0


  • Anatomical plate design for left and right

  • Buttressing and fixation of the sublime tubercle to restore elbow stability (indirect refixation of the medial collateral ligament)

  • Suitable for the anterior as well as the anteromedial variant of the Hotchkiss approach

  • Possibility of subchondral screw placement

  • Proximal oblong hole offers increased flexibility for screw positioning and screw angulation

Technological Milestones in Osteosynthesis


Multidirectional and angular stable locking, screws can pivot freely by ± 15° in all directions


TriLockPLUS screw holes offer the advantage of locking and compression in one step


Simplified screw pick-up thanks to self-holding system

Designed to Organize

The Coronoid Plates are integrated and compatible with the existing APTUS Radial Head System 2.0.


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