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The Proximal Humerus 3.5 Plate System focuses on simplicity without compromising on surgical options. The asymmetrical plate shape and the spiral blade option allow to position the plate for straight forward greater tubercle fixation and maximum area support of the calcar region. Diverging screw orientation and suture holes complete the offering for stable bone and soft tissue fixation.

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Asymmetric Design

Asymmetric design supports GT fixation

Blades for Calcar Support

Spiral blade to enhance medial support in calcar region.

Drill Guide Blocks

Drill guide block for easy screw insertion of diverging screws.

One Size 3.5

One screw diameter minimizing amount of instruments.

Surgical Options

When addressing a fracture pattern that requires additional medial support of the proximal humerus, the plate can be combined with the spiral blade 40° or the spiral blade 50°. These spiral blades provide additional calcar support to the plate-screw-construct in the medial bone tissue. In addition, the long plate (XL) types of the system enable the management of fracture patterns that extend to the humeral shaft.

3.5 TriLock Proximal Humeral Plates

  • Optional spiral blades reduce the risk of secondary varus displacement of the humeral head by means of enhanced calcar support

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  • The asymmetrical plate shape and posterior plate holes support the fixation of the greater tubercle

  • Due to its flat form, the spiral blade has a larger contact surface within the bone than a conventional screw

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3.5 TriLock Screws,
HexaDrive 15

Non - Locking
3.5 Cortical Screws,
HexaDrive 15

Instrument Highlights

Self-Holding Drill Sleeve

  • Can be locked in the TriLock contour of the plate in the selected angle
  • Multidirectional ± 15°
  • Enables single-handed drilling

Drill Guide Block

  • Guidance for a collision-free and diverging screw direction in the humeral head
  • Fast screw placement and ease of use
  • Recesses for using the suture holes even with the drill guide block in position
  • Specific left and right drill guide block for all plates


  • Verification of the spiral blade angle by means of a K-wire

Technological Milestones in Osteosynthesis


Multidirectional and angular stable locking, screws can pivot freely by ± 15° in all directions


TriLockPLUS screw holes offer the advantage of locking and compression in one step


Simplified screw pick-up thanks to self-holding system

Designed to Organize

The simplicity of the instrumentation reveals a small set configuration without doing compromises on surgical options.

  • Compact system
  • Easy to use 
  • Lightweight components 
  • Validated cleaning and sterilization of the implants
  • User-friendly and clear configuration of the implants and instruments

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