Multidirectional locking, screws can pivot freely by ± 15° in all directions


TriLockPlus screw holes offer the advantage of locking and compression in one step


Simplified screw pick-up due to patented self-holding technology


Reduced insertion torque thanks to the polygonal tip

Oblong hole 

Oblong hole for minor plate adjustments 

Drill guide block

Prevents screw collision and offers fast and precise screw placement


Dimensions of the plate

Preangled holes

Preangled screw holes facilitate less invasive plate placement and fixation

Rounded edges

Rounded edges for soft tissue protection


Plates can be bent with specific plate bending pliers 

Easy to cut

Specific cutting pliers can be used to cut the APTUS plates ​

Wedge compatible

Wedges can be mounted on the plate​


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