Built on the Values of
Precision and Strength

The management of small fractures in the hand and wrist is difficult due to the small size, fragile nature, and importance of accurate reduction. The requirement to use clamps and forceps while maintaining position for implant preparation and insertion is challenging. The fully cannulated Micro Screw System is designed to address these challenges and make the management of small fractures easier. With increased implant strength at a smaller scale and cannulated precision, surgeons can accurately reduce fragments with small diameter k-wires while maintaining positions for single shot insertion of a definitive implant that generates adequate compression to facilitate healing. Built on the values of precision and strength, the Micro Screw implant design accommodates a simpler, faster repair that offers an alternative to k-wires and the associated complications.

Functional Design

Fully cannulated design for single shot insertion, reinforced head geometry for strength during insertion and compression and an optimized lagging geometry.


Immediate compression with definitive and rigid fixation at a small scale.


Manufactured from Titanium Alloy for strength and biocompatibility.

Two Diameters

With 34 cannulated partially threaded compression screws available across 1.5mm and 2.0mm diameters, the Micro Screw System offers a comprehensive range.

NX Nail System


  • Narrow shaft to preserve bone volume

  • Low profile head design for maximum compression to minimize irritation

  • Dual contoured head for maximum compression

Clinical Uses

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