Designed to Perform

The CMC-I Fusion System combines a specifically designed locking grid plate – 2.0 TriLock CMC-I Fusion Plate – with a transfixing 3.0 cannulated compression screw.

CMC-I Fusion Plate 2.0, 3.0


  • Compression oblong holes for cortical screws

  • Recess for central placement of the cannulated compression screw

  • Precontoured and prebent anatomical plate design


Technological Milestones in Osteosynthesis


Multidirectional and angular stable locking, screws can pivot freely by ± 15° in all directions


TriLockPLUS screw holes offer the advantage of locking and compression in one step


Simplified screw pick-up thanks to self-holding system

Designed to Organize

  • Compact system
  • Easy to use 
  • Lightweight components 
  • Validated cleaning and sterilization of the implants

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