Lapidus Your Way, Not Theirs

LapiPrep Lapidus Correction and Preparation System represents the latest advancement in hallux valgus correction, transforming cumbersome traditional bunionectomies into efficient, reproducible procedures performed with one set of hands.

Reproducible Corrections

Provides frontal, sagittal and transverse planes adjustment. Jig provides onboard compression and distraction capabilities. All corrections are found before committing to joint cuts or prep.

Increased Efficiency

The LapiPrep Jig requires only one set of surgical hands and may remain in contact with foot from initial incision to final fixation. The design of the modular drop-in/pull-out components potentially reduce OR time.

Intraoperative Flexibility

All corrections are identified prior to committing to cuts or prep. Surgeons can prepare joint via cuts or curettage. The LapiPrep system is compatible with a wide range of fixation options.

LapiPrep System


  • Jig maintains continuous contact with foot.

  • Corrections held via precisely threaded screws for fine tuning.

  • Modular “drop-in/pull-out” components.

  • Surgeon able to proceed with preferred form of fixation.

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