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The complex function of the calcaneus and the stresses to which it is subjected require a robust design to ensure support. The three different sizes of plates and the multidirectional TriLock system enable surgeons to fix complex calcaneal cases with a robust construction. 

Target-Oriented Screw Alignment Fit

Subtalar joint is provided with optimal support and access to the sustentaculum tali is improved. 

Intelligent Design

Robust construction thanks to frame design. Screws are located in areas with the best bone quality.

Precision in Fixation

Allowing for the directions of force in the calcaneus ensures a high degree of stability.


TriLock locking technology provides multidirectional locking of the screw in the plate.

Treatment Concept

TriLock Calcaneus Plate 3.5


  • Three plate sizes are available with a 2 mm profile

  • The double support of the exposed screw holes distributes stresses uniformly across the plate

  • Using the plate to provide extensive coverage of the calcaneus makes it possible to anchor the screws in dense bone structures

  • Up to 5 angular stable screws ensure that the reduced subtalar joint can be kept in the ideal alignment

  • Plate can be cut and bent to adapt for treatment of different indications and anatomical shapes


Technological Milestones in Osteosynthesis


Multidirectional and angular stable locking, screws can pivot freely by ± 15° in all directions


TriLockPLUS screw holes offer the advantage of locking and compression in one step


Simplified screw pick-up thanks to self-holding system

Designed to Organize

Customized system arrangement and modular concept.

  • Compact system
  • Easy to use 
  • Lightweight components 
  • Validated cleaning and sterilization of the implants


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