A New Generation of Fracture Fixation

The NX Nail is a second-generation extremity nail with a design based on the AO principals of fracture management. As most extra-articular hand fractures involve the shaft of either the metacarpals or phalanges, the NX Nail is designed to maintain length, while restoring version and controlling angulation.

Anatomically Inspired

Using CT scans, the NX Nail was designed to circumferentially displace bone during insertion and generate hoop stresses to optimize stability.

Non-Threaded Shaft

Diaphysealized non-threaded shaft takes into consideration the narrow isthmus, natural bow and viscoelastic properties of bones to decrease irritation and optimize biological potential.

Cutting Efficiency

Distal fragment engagement is achieved with the high precision, multi-start, self-cutting design of the leading tip which is designed for ultra-low insertion torque.

Six Diameters

With over 60 implants to choose from, the NX Nail offers a comprehensive size range.

NX Nail System


  • Compaction taper and diaphysealised shaft.

  • Precise, self-cutting tip designed for ultra-low insertion torque.

  • Fine pitch of leading tip firmly engages the base of the bone, while the compaction taper generates strong fixation even in soft cancellous bone seen within the hand.

  • Designed to withstand normal loads and facilitate rapid return to normal activity.

Clinical Uses



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